About us

Our Core Objective

We help businesses communicate their brand with visually compelling language and use automation to make business process more efficient.

Create a friendlier world.

Our goal is to help businesses humanize and automate their communication and operation so the world becomes a more friendly and efficient place to live in. 

We believe the best way to make an impact in this world is by helping businesses discover and communicate their mission to their customers.

We want to create a world where digital interactions online are more friendly and simple. 

Who we are.

Rex Fong

Business Strategy

Joe Chen

Customer Success Manager

Katie Ng

Creative Director

Vicky Muñoz

Product Development Director

Ernest Papyan

Senior Software Developer

Naomi Tong

SEO & Google Analytics Specialist

Janis Yuen

Content Researcher


Vicky Muñoz

Office Manager


Naomi Tong

Content Editor



Content Editor

What we do.

We're a full-range marketing & design agency that focuses on products, websites, apps, and brands to build amazing experiences for the audiences.

Marketing Strategy

Digital Development

Visual Design

Content Service

Awards and recognition.

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