CDAP Interview Form

There are 2 ways for us to collect client’s information so we can write the Digital Adopt Plan (DAP): 

  1. Fill the interview form below, or
  2. Ask the client to use the videoask form.

Please make sure you have already submitted the DNA from the business.
Without the DNA, we CANNOT create the DAP.

To send us the DNA, you can email

CDAP Digital Adoption Plan Form 3


How do you manage your accounting needs?
How do you manage your bookkeeping needs?
Are you experiencing any difficulties in the following area on human resources management?
Please tell us about your current marketing strategies.
What are all the digital platforms that you use? (e.g. website, social media etc.)
Please fill in the URL if you are using digital platforms for your business.
How do you collect customer feedback, and analyze the data?

Key IS/IT Information

Is your business adapting any of the following digital solutions?
Accounting, Finance and HR
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relations
Sales and Marketing
Office Infrastructures
Business Management

SWOT Analysis

Business Goals

What are some business goals you hope to achieve?
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