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Descript – A New Era of Video Editing Experience

Descript – A New Era of Video Editing Experience

A New Era of Video Editing

As quality video content grows in importance online, the case for robust video editing software becomes clearer. Descript targets professionals and non-professionals looking for a video editing tool that works as easily as a word processor. It’s also a great tool for collaboration at work, podcasts, and shared video classes.

In addition, it does a remarkable job at breaking down video content into text for editing and then audio for publishing. You read that right; you can edit your video using text on Descript.

Why Descript?

At one point in the future, you may need to screen record an instructional video with an expert, record a remote podcast with a co-host or guest, or launch a YouTube Channel for your brand. However, before you hit publish, you need to edit the video.

Descript takes away the anxiety of learning video editing from scratch. First, you can drag your video into Descript. The tool then transcribes your audio and provides a transcript, revealing all your ‘ums’, ‘aahs’, poor jokes, and interruptions from family, team members, and strangers captured during recording.

Instead of dragging buttons and working with multiple features to identify the best positions for edits, Descript lets you cut out unnecessary content by simply deleting the text.

Yes, it’s possible. On Descript, you can edit your videos by editing a transcript, just as you would on a word document. Easy, right?

But what if you used the wrong words? Descript has got you covered. The Overdub feature on the software allows you to edit the words in your transcript, which then changes the audio in your video. Wild!

You can type what you meant to say, and Descript does the rest. It delivers the audio just as you would say it, in your voice.

Edit Video and Audio Content Together

Are you tired of editing your video and audio separately? Descript helps you edit and repurpose live streams, webinars, and instructional videos to remove ‘ums’ and ‘aahs’ that pop up during conversations without losing the flow.

Simply edit your video transcript and enjoy seamless cuts, and use the overdub feature to correct any mistakes in your audio. You can also choose from several overdub stock voices, and Descript will convert the audio with the correct intonation and inflection.

Seamless Integrations

We know you’re tired of transferring files to different software or storage to edit your videos.

Descript understands this, which is why it works seamlessly with other tools you interact with. This software integrates with Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more to improve workflow.

With Descript, you can transfer your videos online, edit them, and then back them up to the cloud for safety and access.

Automatic Transcription

Accessibility for all matters, which is why you need transcripts for all your video content. With Descript, you no longer have to write your transcripts manually or import them into your video. Instead, Descript automatically transcribes audio content and makes it available for users.

You can also use the software to remove filler words and unwanted content and accurately match the audio and the transcript.


Say goodbye to ‘Kindly find the link’ emails by including all your teammates in the video editing process. Descript supports multiple users, allowing teams to edit content together, hence work faster to publish content.

Collaborators can:

  • Comment and leave replies to comments
  • Use @ to tag other collaborators
  • Share folders automatically

Is That It?

If you’re a professional video editor, you’re probably wondering, is that all Descript has to offer. Fortunately, no. Descript also has:

  • Multitrack: Scale the position of images and add layered soundtracks
  • Non-destructive: Preserve the original video without the edit
  • Titles and captions: Add titles, captions, and introductions to make your video accessible without the audio
  • Transitions: Add transitions between video cuts to improve video flow
  • Shapes: Add shapes, adjust shapes, and highlight with shapes
  • Keyframes: Add anchor points for animation edits
  • Cloud backup: Descript automatically saves changes to the cloud in case your internet or power goes off
  • Work offline: Edit your video offline and backup automatically once you’re online

How Much Does Descript Cost?

The million-dollar question? How much does it cost? Descript has different price plans depending on your needs.

  • Free plan: $0
  • Creator plan: $12/ month
  • Pro plan: $24/ month
  • Enterprise (for 20+ users): Custom pricing

What Should You Do Next?

Recording your video is a crucial step forward, but publishing unedited content may push you several steps back. Get Descript for fun, easy, and fast video editing.