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Fast and Slick: That describes the dynamics of our approach to social media marketing. The difference is between scattering your marketing resources and focusing them on an equally large target audience. Social media is where your audience gathers; you can talk to them collectively instead of going door to door. Not only do you save a lot of time, but you also get much more bang for your marketing buck. 

Digital marketing can make you near-omnipresent; it is cost-effective, so small and medium-size businesses can benefit the most. However, the operation takes knowledge and skills; it is clichéd to ask you to stick to your core strengths and outsource the rest, but at first, it might be necessary before you can DIY.

A Win-Win Business Model

Fast and Slick is a Vancouver-based award-winning agency in tune with the marketing aspirations of small and not-so-small businesses. We were raised to cherish mutually beneficial relationships. Our business philosophy consists of helping clients take baby steps in their digital journey, including social media marketing. Think of it as a bird that teaches its young to fly and then leaves them to soar.

Except that we don’t leave you, we keep you empowered. Our business is to keep up with the frequent changes in trends and technologies. Our working relationships are such that our clients always get the latest knowhow and implement them immediately. We concentrate on high-budget offerings that take a deeper understanding of all things virtual, including graphics, animation, photography, cinematography, etc.

Make Marketing Fun

Social media networks are happening places; if you are a serious business owner who has no time for them, you might want to think again. This is where your potential customers hang out; your competitors are certainly there. This is where you can keep up with the preferences, trends, and purchase behaviors of the former and see what the latter is doing about them. 

While most agencies prefer to retain clients with a grip on the long handle, Fast and Slick stays at arm’s length. We show you the different ways you can use to approach your target on social media. We then let you do the talking while we focus on developing your communication media. We work on the back end while you have some fun with your marketing. The results and productivity are impressive.