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UX/UI Design & Mobile Development

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Pikadish is a visual menu mobile application that simplifies food decisions. We believe the current food review company’s strategy to list restaurants’ data, is counter-intuitive to a customer’s intention to decide on food simply. Instead of comparing restaurants analytically, we reframe the approach by presenting Instagram-esque dish photos to induce customers’ craving socially and humanly.


We began our ideation process by identifying and validating the sets of business and user problems through extensive researches such as literature reviews, conducting study groups and interviews, and performing ethnography. This step gives us the confidence to tackle a problem that is the most valuable for our client to solve and that the client has the appropriate resource to solve it. After identifying the problem, we begin to evaluate the current solutions in the market and analyze the feature gaps.

Designing the Solution.

When our clients and we have arrived to our unique value proposition, we start to iteratively design features that could solve the proposed problem most effectively. At each iteration we presented these features to our beta users via our interactive prototype. The feedbacks that we have collected goes back to improve our design hypothesis.


When both our client and we are confident in the design requirements, our designers and illustrators set off to polish up the user interface and brand element, while our developers begin to research technical implementation details.

Software Development.

Our Development team are skilled in both front-end and back-end development following industry best practices. Our technical stack for this project includes:

  • Nosql Database
  • Nodejs Backend Server
  • Elasticsearch, Redis for Backend Optimization
  • iOS Mobile Development
  • API Integration (Imagine Recognition with Custom Training)
  • OCR Image to Text
  • Textual Sentiment Analysis
  • Authentication Service
  • Amazon Web Service Integration