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“We should record this.” Yes, if we had a dollar for every time we missed out on quality podcast and video content, we’d all be rich.

But here’s the important part, you can record studio-quality podcasts and video content anywhere you are with This software supports local recording up to 4K resolution and crystal 48kHz WAV. And the best part, automatically uploads audio and video to the cloud.


If you’re on the hunt for a tool that helps you record video and audio content for your podcast or private and business content, is an excellent solution.

Mobile App

First, has a mobile app. So every time you’re with a group of fellow content creators and think, “This would make amazing video or podcast content.”, do it. Whip out your phone and start recording the conversation to avoid missing out on any content.

Record Video Content

Sometimes, your recording may appear blurry and pixelated when your internet connection is weak. With, you can upgrade the quality of your video to crystal 4K content. In addition, you can smooth over pixelated and frozen parts.

Create a Clear Audio

You may not know what 48kHz WAV means, but you’ll know quality audio when you hear it. Say goodbye to muffled remote audio recordings by recording with

Cloud Uploads

Did your internet or power go off while recording, causing you to lose all your content? What about moments when your device freezes and shuts down or your power goes off while you’re recording? solves such problems by uploading your content to the cloud as you record. So even if you go offline, you can access your content later on.

Separate Audio and Video Tracks separates videos and audios from different contributors to give you more flexibility as you edit.

Magic Editor

Save hours of podcast and video editing by editing straight on The magic editor helps you:

  • Drag and drop video and audio content
  • Upload and change logos
  • Edit video backgrounds
  • Select the best layouts for your speakers


Would you like to share a part of a video on social media? Or maybe you’re looking for several ways to repurpose long-form video content? has Clips, a feature that helps you cut your content into shareable clips.


Are you looking for a quick way to convert your audio into text? creates automatic transcripts from your content to help you identify unwanted filler words and find highlights and quotes for your content.

Stream With a Community

Are you planning a live webinar or interactive chat with your audience on social media? With, you can share your live stream recording on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or LinkedIn. You can also share a link with your audience, allowing them to call in while you’re recording.

Schedule and Send Invitations helps you schedule and share invitations with up to eight guests. Your guests can join the session on their web browser or app by clicking on your invitation link.

Producer Mode

With you can join and watch a live recording session from the background. As the producer, you can set controls for the recording without being recorded.

Screen share recording

As you record live sessions with your guests and team members, you can also share your screen with them. Screen sharing is excellent for collaborative projects and allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

Easy Collaboration

Enjoy effective team collaboration during remote recordings on Riverside. The informative dashboard makes it easy to manage recordings. You can also adjust individual settings to upgrade or downgrade collaborators to admin, director, or editor.

So, How much Does It Cost?

The Riverside platform has several price plans for different users.

  • Free plan: Get up to 60 minutes of free recording
  • Basic plan: Record up to 2 hours per month at $9/ month or $7.5/ month billed annually
  • Standard plan: Record up to 5 hours per month at $19/ month or $15/ month billed annually
  • Pro plan: Record up to 15 hours per month at $29/ month or $24/ month billed annually
  • Enterprise: Get custom recording packages with team spaces

You can also upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.

What Next?

Get started with quality video and podcast recordings with Riverside.