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You are in for a treat! This web design guide includes a lot of free resources that can help you build a good starter website relatively cheaply. Keep reading, even bookmark this page if you need to, and share with your friends if they need help as well, you are about to learn about many of our tips and tricks we gathered from our more than 10 years experience. 

  • Web Design Master Checklist [editable PDF]
  • Pick Your Web Design Tool [Online Quiz]
  • Your First Branding Guide [PDF]
  • SEO Zero to HERO [PDF]

Even as an agency, we always recommend people try to build a website on their own first before they even think about hiring someone to make one for you, because through learning how to build yourself one, you will become a lot more familiar with the web design process. By being informed, you can save a lot of time and money and determine the kind of professional help you need when you do hire a freelancer/agency one day.

Who is this web design guide for?

Why did we create this guide?

We have created this guide to help you navigate the web design process. It is very easy to build a website with a website builder these days, BUT it takes patience and skills to master building a good one. 

Like everything in life, no matter what your goal is, this process can be incredibly rewarding. We wish you a successful journey in this endeavor. 

Which website builder should I use?

What makes a good website?

User-friendly Layout

Mobile-first Web Design

The Right Font Size

Vivid and consistent Branding

Incorporate Search Engine Optimization From the Start

Write Good Website Content

Clear labeling and Word Choice

Plan how your visitors navigate your website

Set a Conversion Plan

A Note about Legal Terms, Security and Privacy

Website Speed Optimization and Reliability


Social Media

Email Campaign

Content Marketing

A Maintenance Plan

Create Rich Media



Alternative Formats

Things to Consider After Your Website Launch

About the Author

A little bit about ourselves; we are a group of award-winning website designers, software developers,  digital marketers, content creators, who know a thing or two about building a website and making it awesome. It is incredibly easy to make a website on your own.